About – Eloise et moi



Hi and welcome to my petite store,

I´m Rocio (you can call me just Ro) the hands and soul of Eloise et moi.

Mom of 3, Nature lover, maker & natural dyer. 


A learning photographer and potter, avid reader and curious above all things!!!

Eternal apprentice as I like to say... living, learning and making at a slow pace.

I believe in stories... of people, of their objects and possessions. I think the things we have tell OUR story and that is what I try to accomplished with the products you find at my store. Not a simple product, not just any product but something made, crafted with soul... honoring the process and art of handmade

Simple, pretty and useful as well as sustainable and handmade it´s what I like, using premium quality fabrics and materials, making timeless and Earth friendly products for you and your home. 

In love of any artisanal process and technique, since an early age I started crafting and admiring the work of artist and crafters around the world.

Things that are made to last in an earthy and de-saturated palette, ageless and gender neutral.

Go and take a look :) I really hope you like it and want to take some ¨slow natural Magic with you ...



The Earth needs our help... everyone’s help and contribution.

THIS IS MY MOTTO in life and it is in E&m manifesto.

This is why I started with natural dyes and searching a simpler and natural life for our family, changing the way I was doing business as well.

little helper dyeing


Eloise et moi comes from an idea of rethinking my own consumerism habits...

An idea of a small business respectful of the environment, made with the least impact and in the most natural way.

A new way of doing business as well: respectful of the environment and giving back to community and Non Profits.

So, how and what to do having all those things in mind? Well, making the simplest, useful and natural goods for you and your home: timeless accessories, simple and beautiful homewares all naturally dyed and consciously made.

Some of the things I sell are made by me and others are from small businesses I found and dye their pieces in my favorite palette.

From Nature to you and your home, replicating Earth colors, its pace and lessons, using nothing but natural fibers and dying everything by hand, the old fashion way.

A little bohemian, a little Provence- inspired and with a folk soul, this is what you are going to find in some images of my work, studio and life .

I became involved in Natural Dying some years ago, after watching documentaries and reading articles that shed light about the harm that all the fashion industry (fast fashion mostly) made to the environment.

I'm always in the search of the most sustainable and eco friendly way of making, selling and sending the products I make or that I love and use at my home.

It is a slow process indeed but I know it´s worthy. Hope you like it and inspire you,




All the fabrics I use - unless noted- were hand dyed with natural dyes. 

I choose all natural, soft fibers such as linen, cotton, silk, gauze and search for providers which use certified organics fibers.

It is a slow and artisanal process and takes few days to get a piece of fabric dyed.

I started dyeing with leaves, flowers and kitchen scraps, mostly gathered from the land and kitchen waste. We were living in South America at that time (in Argentina to be precise) and I had my mom's pomegranate tree (see picture above), lavender from my neighbors garden, eucalyptus bark and leaves from a close farm, etc.


After some time, I started using natural extracts from barks, leaves, flowers and still use all the kitchen waste I can (avocado pits and stones, onions skins, thyme from my garden, etc).

It normally takes from 2 to 3 days to get a piece of fabric dyed. 

Some other times, I buy some finished products -mostly plastic free and zero waste oriented such as cotton string mesh bags, organic cotton towels- and dyed them in the colors I like.

When I manage to find organics, it will be mention in description.