Natural Dyes – Eloise et moi

Natural Dyes


All the fabrics I use - unless noted- were hand dyed with natural dyes. 

I choose all natural, soft fibers such as linen, cotton, silk, gauze and search for providers which use certified organics fibers.

It is a slow and artisanal process and takes few days to get a piece of fabric dyed.

I started dyeing with leaves, flowers and kitchen scraps, mostly gathered from the floor and waste. We were living in South America at that time (in Argentina to be precise) and I have my mom's pomegranate tree (see picture below), lavender from my neighbours garden, eucalyptus bark and leaves from a close farm, etc.


After some time, I started using natural extracts from barks, leaves, flowers and still use all the kitchen waste I can (avocado pits and stones, onions skins, thyme from my garden, etc).

It normally takes from 2 to 3 days to get a piece of fabric dyed. 

Some other times, I buy some finished products -mostly plastic free and zero waste oriented such as cotton string mesh bags, organic cotton towels- and dyed them in the colors I like.

When I manage to find organics, it will be mention in description.